VWR Capital Corp.

Broker Centric Lending Solutions. Simple Process. Low Fee Structure.


1st Mortgage lender fees starting at $750

2nd Mortgage lender fees starting at $500

Renewal Fees, 1 yr closed term $200


Rates Fees Guidelines




Urban Residential Private Lender in BC AB SK MB ONT

No Income Qualification

No minimum credit score qualification

No down payment verification

Inter-alia / Blanket Mortgage financing

1st, 2nd mortgages

Rental and Owner Occupied at same pricing

New to Canada

Foreclosure Rescues

Serviced and Raw Land

Interest Only Available for LTV <65%

Amortization Available up to 35 years

Rate Buy Down’s up to 3% available


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Jennifer Peters BC 604-803-7430

Paula Hutton Prairies 780-370-7430

Pratheesan Rathnapala Ontario 416-629-2219

Steven Lang National Sales Manager 604-862-7430



Conditions to deals@vwrcapital.com

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