How it works gives mortgage brokers direct access to the lending criteria of private mortgage lending companies all in one spot. You maintain control of where you send a deal and don’t have to worry about shopping it out to inappropriate lenders or putting it out for bid on a public site. You keep your clients information private and control the deal. is a MIC/Private Lender (licensed only) website that helps mortgage brokers find private lenders based on relevant criteria such as:

Mortgage Position, LTV limits, Credit Requirements, Property types and several other mortgage lending criteria. helps both Mortgage Brokers and Lenders by saving time for both in the mortgage origination process.

Mortgage brokers will save time when searching out lenders that have lending criteria that fits their deal, and lenders will save time from taking inquires and submissions on deals that don’t fit their lending parameters.

This makes the origination process more efficient on both sides. is FREE TO USE by brokers and there’s NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED to access lender information.. Brokers can also contact the lenders directly via the lenders dedicated “Contact” page found on their company page – just click the lender of your choice from the home screen. will only list licensed mortgage lending companies. You will not find unlicensed individual lenders or investors on this directory. Our goal is to list only professional, high quality and reputable mortgage lending companies.