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uDrive Lending Program – 1st Mortgage Rates 04Dec23

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uDrive Lending Program – Locations Alberta ’22

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uDrive Lending Program – Appraisers Alberta Jun’22


As an alternative, MIC mortgage lender, we focus on being a good business partner to our mortgage broker community and work diligently to find creative solutions for their clients who don’t qualify for a mortgage at traditional financial institutions.

Our unique “uDrive” program allows mortgage brokers and their clients to adjust both the rate and fee to suit the needs of each borrower. “uDrive ” offers flexibility in providing mortgages to borrowers on marketable residential real estate in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

Typical mortgages are for purchase, refinance or construction, predominantly secured in the 1st position.

Flexible 1 or 2 year terms are available with the option of interest only payments on 1st mortgages under 65% LTV.

We also provide 2nd mortgage solutions and permit additional private lenders to lend behind us if required.

We thank you for the opportunity in providing a solution that meets your client’s situation.  For general inquiries, please contact our National Manager, Broker Relations

Applications can be received via Expert, Finmo, Velocity and/or LenDesk with supporting documents to our team at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

Loren Hawkins, mbi
Agent Level 2
National Manager, Broker Relations
Ontario License #M15002575
FSRA #13070

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