RiverRock MIC

RiverRock lends up to 80% loan to value on residential properties in urban and suburban areas in Ontario.

RiverRock will consider the following:

  • We offer 1st & 2nd mortgages
  • New construction purchases using appraised value (case by case)
  • Rent to own (case by case)
  • Self-declared income letters with no supporting documents
  • Soft or poor credit with an explanation
  • Discharged Bankrupts – no waiting period
  • We will consider mortgages to people who are in a credit proposal
  • Flexible on GDS & TDS calculations
  • In arrears with an explanation and a plan to move forward
  • Property must be marketable
  • Must be appraised by a RiverRock approved appraiser
  • Common sense approach to lending
  • RiverRock has a partnership with First Canadian Title Insurance. This allows the client to use their own solicitor and therefore keeps the costs down for the Borrower.

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