Our Service Commitment

Applications Response Timeline

  • Same Business Day if submitted before 1 PM
  • Never longer than one Business Day

Deal Funding Timeline

  • Three Business Days or less after Broker Complete

Our Lending Products

  • Residential 1st mortgages.
  • Residential 2nd in mortgages.
  • Residential 1st and 2nd Bundle
  • Bridge Loans up to 3 months
  • 2nd Mortgages behind Collateral Mortgage or Reverse Mortgage
  • Non-Resident Program up to 65% LTV

Our Lending Parameters

  • LTV based on appraised value for new builds
  • No Income Verification
  • No GDS/TDS
  • No Minimum Beacon Score
  • Purchase LTV: 80% (85% on exception basis)
  • Refinance LTV: 75% (80% on exception basis)

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