Mercury Mortgages


10.49% for 12 months

9.99% for 6 months

9.49% for 3 months

Variable rate: prime+3.8% (9.25% now) for 12 months (based on prime 5.45%)

By dealing with us, you will be dealing directly with the lender and decision maker. This mean you will no longer need to split your fee with another broker.

  • No minimum beacon required
  • No income confirmation
  • No GDS or TDS requirements
  • No minimum time for being self-employed
  • No need for landed status
  • Non-Owner occupied? No problem!
  • No “in-the-box” thinking (we find creative ways to solve the issues)
  • Approvals (or declines) usually within 1 hour (!!!)
  • Close a purchase within 24 hours and refinance within 3-5 days
  • Purchases from a builder – use the current appraised value
  • Refinance existing mortgage under Power of Sale

Reach out to Mercury Mortgages with any questions you may have

Walter Koziej – General Manager

Phone: 905-273-4234 ext. 202

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