Ginkgo Mortgage Investment Corporation

Established in 2011, Ginkgo MIC is a Canada-wide alternative lender, and our goal is to give you a true solution to your client’s financial problems. Every deal is meticulously analyzed by our Solution Advisors, and if we find a better solution, or a way to save on some fees, we will suggest it.

Best in Service

We are well known for our consistent, bank-level service and reliability!

Residential & commercial lending in areas with populations over 50,000

  • 3-hour response time
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Flexible, tailored and common-sense lending
  • No hidden fees
  • Dedicated Solution Advisors and educational webinars


Best incentive program in the industry

Funding your deals with Ginkgo has many advantages, as we aim to be your partner in business and beyond. Besides our bank-level service you can count on, you get a $200 gift card on your very first funded deal! From there, we have trailer commissions, useful Apple products, and even an all-inclusive vacation!


Visit our website for detailed listings of our products, incentive program, and to join our next webinar!


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Terence Yu

Business Development Manager

Direct: 647-660-8106


Deal Submissions

Don’t know how to place your headache deal? Our Solution Advisors are happy to work out the best solution for you!


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Office address: 243 Consumers Road, Unit 203, Toronto ON M2J 4R3


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