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1st mortgage yield range from 7.49%-10%, no lender fee and open after the first 60 days, 1yr open term.

2nd mortgage yield range from 9.99%-14%, no lender fee and open after the first 60 days, 1yr open term.

You can submit a deal to us through either Velocity,  Filogix or Mortgage Boss. For Filogix you would select the private option and select Fisgard in the lender dropdown list, then send supporting docs to “” and quote the Filogix, Velocity or Mortgage Boss application I.D.

General process timing from submission to closing is approx. 7-10 business days.

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If you or anyone you know has interest on our Investor side of the business you can find info on our main site.

A couple of quick notes regarding our product page:

  • Currently doing up to max 75% ltv on 1st mortgages for single family dwellings (Townhomes, Semis, Detached and multi-family)
  • Currently 70% ltv and may consider up to 75% ltv on (condos hi rise or low rise) for 1st and 2nd mortgages
  • Currently doing up to max 75% ltv on 2nd mortgages for single family dwellings (Townhomes, Semis, Detached and multi-family)
  • 2nd mortgage for owner occupied properties only (no rentals), can go behind the outstanding first mortgage for a Collateral charge
  • No Lender fee, 1yr open mortgage term, 2yr mortgage term. Option to mix and match lower rates with a lender fee
  • 1st mortgage Rentals properties okay (no limit on rentals owned)
  • Bridge Financing available (no lender fee)
  • Straight Equity lending program up to 65%ltv (Owner Occupied, 1st mortgages, min 580 beacon)
  • Fisgard collects the Broker fee and paid upon funding

Home Values              Maximum Mortgage Amount

Up to $1.3Mil              Max LTV set by policy (75%)

$1.3Mil to $1.5Mil      Max LTV 70% (max loan amount $1,050,000.00)

$1.5Mil to $2Mil         Max LTV 65% (max loan amount $1,300,000.00)

$2Mil to $3Mil            Max LTV 55% (max loan amount $1,650,000.00)

Call Fisgard first for even more awesome terms such as:

  • No lender fees!
  • Open 1yr term
  • Interest only payments!
  • Stated income to 75%
  • Rentals ok!
  • Simple commitments and fantastic service!
  • Exceptional deal turn-around and funding!
  • Low docs OK
  • 1st mortgages from BC to Ontario
  • 2nd mortgages available in BC, Manitoba and Ontario

** No lender fee – you set your fee and we pay you upon funding!

** 2nd mortgages – amortized payment may be requested


  • Min loan amount $250k – $5mil
  • Lender fee starting from 1%
  • Yield starting from 8%
  • Property types (Mixed use, Commercial condos, Multi-family, Retail centers, Industrial, Office buildings)


Fisgard Capital finances residential and commercial construction loans in BC, Alberta and Ontario up to 75% of the total cost of construction, including:

  • Land Purchase
  • Site servicing
  • Soft costs (plans and permits)
  • Hard costs (construction)
  • Rates from 8.5%
  • Lender Fee from 2%
  • Home warranty required
Celebrating 25 years in business serving Canadians from B.C to ON
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