Brightpath Capital Corporation


Brightpath Capital Corporation is one of Ontario’s fastest growing private lenders. We offer residential mortgage lending across Ontario for a wide variety of borrowers and situations.


  • Brightpath Capital is a private lender headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario
  • We follow a practical lending philosophy to ensure that each client’s application is considered based on its own specific merits and circumstances
  • Specialize in alternative lending on residential properties throughout Ontario

All residential properties across Ontario will be considered, with pricing adjustments made based on location (Major Centre vs Small Town)

Major Centres

  • Ontario cities with a population of at least 50,000+
  • 1stmortgages to 80% LTV

Small Town Lending Program

  • Towns adjacent to thriving, major markets
  • Must be a residential property located within a typical, residential neighbourhood
  • 1stmortgages to 75-80% LTV


Residential lending only. No commercial use, mixed use, or agricultural zoning is permitted.

We look specifically for residential properties that demonstrate:

  • Pride of ownership
  • No deferred maintenance
  • Marketability with ease of resale
  • Renovations and flips will be considered – no construction mortgages


  • Risk based pricing – depending on LTV, mortgage size, property condition, credit score, city size, etc.

General pricing guidelines: 

Base RateBase Fee
1st Mortgages9.99%1.99% (minimum $2500 lender fee)


  • All terms are interest-only
  • Standard pricing is for a 12 month, closed term (2 month penalty for early payout)
  • Open terms are available, as well as 3 month and 6 month terms.



  • Contact your BDM Dan Pauls at or cell 519-500-3330 to discuss your deal
  • Submit deal to us on Filogix, Velocity or platform of choice

Dan Pauls

VP of Business Development


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